Tillandsia straminea - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia straminea - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia straminea

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Tillandsia straminea from Peru and Ecuador is a dry or xeric growing species often found growing with T. purpurea and T. cacticola it grows on scrub and cacti and is also found in Peru's coastal deserts.

It is large growing with lovely soft silvery leaves and produces a long branched flower spike with pink flower bracts and lovely, highly scented cream white flowers with a purple edge.

This species likes high light levels with regular misting and good air-movement or quick drying.

At the moment i have a few very very large plants for sale. And some small ones as seen in the second photo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Air plants

Thank you Andy for the air plants that I purchased from you. They arrived the next day (despite me ordering them late in the day) beautifully packaged. The plants are spectacular, a lot bigger than I expected and in perfect condition. Detailed Information on how to look after the plants was in the box. I will definitely buy again and tell my friends about Andy's air plants. I was also given a fantastic free plant, thank you Andy you are amazing.

Steve Mackay

I ordered the XL size of Tillandsia Straminea and it is a stunner!, it's big! and very healthy as always from Andy's air plants, Andy also gave me a free Tillandsia ixioides, which is also a stunning species and this made my day!, thanks!. always such high quality plants!!!!!

Matthew Fellion
Beautiful plant

Ordered a small T. straminea, which was generously sized and arrived in excellent health and condition. Very pleased with it!

Timothy Fisher

Healthy looking plant,i can see it swinging in the breeze in my conservatory with his friends !

Wonderful perfume

As always, a great air plant from Andy. The perfume from the flowers is intoxicating. Good value and a good size.