Tillandsia tectorum clumps - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia tectorum clumps - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia tectorum clumps - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia tectorum

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Tillandsia tectorum meaning of the roof or sky alluding to the fact that Peruvians cultivated this plant on roofs of houses, which helped to reflect the sun's rays.

This is a beautiful species with a round shape and silver leaves with a dense covering of fine hairs or trichomes giving the plant a very soft appearance. The flower spike is quite long and attractive with pink bracts and purple flowers.

This species is easy to grow if given high light levels or as much full sun as you can give it and only a light, regular misting, with quick drying or very good air-movement.

I have some very nice little clumps of tectorum with many rosettes. These will slowly make big multi headed clumps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Little Plant

Almost pin cushion in shape this plant contrasts well with the stem growing variant. One notable difference is the colour which seems more uniform silver/grey from the base to the top leaves, my plant has no deep green colouration near the base unlike the stem form. Both types are great so get both if you can! Neither will disappoint.

Peter Flavin
Tillandsia Tectorum

Beautiful plant, arrived well packaged and in quick time. As always with Andy’s Air Plants, the plants were in pristine condition and look lovely in my collection.

Craig Snell
Recent air plant order

Superb plants once again! Andy’s plants are always pristine and four freebies were in with the order this time too! Thanks Andy.

Silvery stars

Both of the clumps I purchased arrived in wonderful condition, beautifully packed for safe travels. These are tough, extraordinarily pretty plants, built for environments with harsh UV levels and little water. They seem to be quite content in my west and east-facing windows.

Lois Ransome

As usual, very prompt delivery and packed with care.
This stunning plant is gorgeous.
Thank you Andy