Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocrater
Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocrater

Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocrater

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Tillandsia tricolor v. melanocrater is a great species of Tillandsia it is easy to grow, it does not require the air-movement that the silver leaved species enjoy, making it very suitable for windowsills, bathrooms and terrariums. It will also grow well in bright conditions with a regular wetting. The plant responds well to being mounted or grown in a pot with just potting bark as a medium.

Tillandsia tricolor comes from Central America and Mexico where it grows as an epiphyte on Trees. It has dark green leaves that can color up very nicely if given high light levels. The flower spike is impressive too with red yellow and green stem and bracts, the flowers are puple and tubular.

The correct naming of this species is a little confusing as var. melanocrate has now been moved to species level and i cannot be 100% sure if we have tricolor or melanocrater. This is the fun of botanical names.

I have lovely small plants available and a few very nice large at or near flowering size plants.


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Diane W
Healthy Plants

The air plants were carefully packed and arrived promptly. They were healthy and I was very satisfied with them.

E Frances Marsden
Andy's air plants

Absolutely fabulous! carefully packaged extremely good quality, very pleased, will definitely be re ordering thankyou

Excellent as usual

Good strong plant that, just a couple of weeks later, is now clearly throwing some new leaves from the centre.

Great Plants

Lovely plants, so healthy and beautifully packed with a care sheet. Will buy again from Andy as very good quality at fair bprice

Amanda Green
Great plant

Very pleased with the plant, as always.