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Tillandsia usneoides 'Spanish Moss' Small clumps

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Spanish Moss or Tillandsia usneoides is the most widespread member of the Bromeliad family.

It has a widespread natural distribution from Central and South America and the Southern States of North America. It is a fascinating plant that grows with no roots, each new plant growing from the leaf axial of another, thus producing long, hanging clumps.

It also flowers, producing numerous very small, scented green or yellow flowers. Fun and easy to grow and very versatile for Art and flower arranging. Just hang it up somewhere with good air-movement and soak with water by spraying or dunking once or twice a week and allow to dry.

The 'Spanish Moss' I offer is a lovely thick form.

Customer Reviews

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Gillian Hoskin
Tillandsia gift

Very pleased with the plant that was delivered and the free one. It was a gift for my granddaughter who is 13 and is enjoying looking after plants she acquires and I thought these would be a good choice. I liked that you are local and enthusiastic.

Prarthana belliappa

Plants were delivered in perfect condition

andrew grantham
Superb plants

Always order plants from Andy, fantastic quality plants

Barbara Royle
A beautiful healthy plant!

I received all my plants well packaged and in excellent condition. The Spanish Moss was actually a very generous small clump! Very pleased with my order. Highly recommend.

Richard Cook
Spanish air moss

Great, doing very with lots of rain water; your other plants I bought are also looking good.