Tillandsia velickiana - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia velickiana - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia velickiana - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia velickiana - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia velickiana

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One of my all time favorites because it is so attarctive and easy to grow! Tillandsia velickiana is often confused with T. oaxacana and T. matudae. It used to be called fieldhofii and is very often sold as T. oaxacana, its hard to keep up sometimes.

It has lovely soft, silver leaves and produces a thick, deep pink, drooping flower spike that produces a succession of lovely large tubular purple flowers.

Tillandsia velickiana likes bright light to full sun, it is a water demanding plant and the best indicator of watering needs in your plant in your colIection. The leaves will curl inwards from the edges if the plant is not getting a regular or thorough enough watering. It is very easy to grow and in a few years will make lovely clumps of multiple flowering plants.

I have lovely small and large flowering size plants available.

Customer Reviews

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patricia martin
Great plants.

I have ordered from Andy several times and they never fail to impress Andy sent this by special request and also sent a lovely free one. Thank you so much Andy once again.

Sally Truseler
Tillandsia Velickiana

Beautiful, good sized plant. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Andy, as his plants are simply the best ones that I’ve come across online.

Andrew W
Healthy, good size plants, would/will buy again

First time order from Andy's Air Plants. The plants arrived very well packaged and were in good health and just as described. Will be buying again from this fabulous independent and obviously passionate retailer.

Tilandsia velickiana

A returning customer, once again I was completely blown away by both the size and quality of this plant, and the others I recieved including a free one. Thank you !

Richard Walpole
Purchase of air plants

I had a long wait but it was not Andy’s air plants it was the postage. The plants have arrived they look great bigger than I expected
Great plants