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Tillandsia 'White Star' (ixioides x recurvifolia)

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A fantastic hybrid between two great species, ixioides and recurvifolia. It can grow larger than both parents It has nice silver leaves in a star shape and produces nice pink flower spikes with bright yellow flowers.

It is a very easy and tollerant plant to grow. Enjoying bright light and regular wetting and drying.

Quite rare and not often seen for sale. I have some nice large plants available for sale.

Customer Reviews

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What a stunner Part 2!

Further to my previous review the bloom spike has now opened its first couple of flowers and it really is a stunner. The scaled flower bud bract is a gentle powder pink from which the pale primrose flowers emerge. This perfectly complements the soft silvery surface of the bold pointed sword-like leaves. The only thing missing is a sweet scent! The yellow flowers are certainly reminscent of those of T. ixiodes which is one of its parents. I'm even more pleased now that I have this stunning hybrid in my collection.

What a stunner!

This was the star plant in my plant parcel: beautiful soft silvery grey downy texture all over, distinct and bold rosette of hard wide pointed leaves and the bonus of a flower bud appearing from its centre. I love its strong shape that shouts out "Here I am" and the beautiful overall colour tops it off; a real stunner that I will cherish. Well packed and labelled as always.

Barbara Royle
A beautiful healthy plant!

My Tillandsia 'White Star' came very well wrapped and in excellent condition, a beautiful and pristine plant and a good size too. Always great service and top quality plants in top condition. I can highly recommend Andy's Air Plants. I also received a beautiful little surprise with my order - Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens! A lovely addition to my collection! Thank you so much!

mr william mallinson
My plants

Great plants great servive

Peter Ashby
Very very happy with this lovely Tillandsia

Tillandsia "White Star" arrived a few weeks ago and is already producing a flower spike. Excellent healthy plant, thank you so much!