Tillandsia x kolbii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia x kolbii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia x kolbii - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia x kolbii

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Tillandsia x kolbii also known as T. scaposa or T. ionantha v. scaposa The cross between the genus and species (Tillandsia 'x' kolbii) means that this plant is of interspecific hybrid origin. (A hybrid between two species of Tillandsia)

Tillandsia x kolbii is a wonderful and easy to grow species very similar to the ionantha's, the difference between this species and the ionanthas is that the flower spike protrudes from the rosette. Tillandsia x kolbii does not like the full, full sun that ionantha's thrive so well in, and prefers a slightly more humid condition.

I have lovely flowering size plants on offer.

Customer Reviews

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elizabeth green
Excellent Airplants

The x kolbii plant I bought is a very healthy, large plant. I was also given a free aeranthos hybrid.
Both are excellent plants, well packaged in recyclable materials.
i'm extremely happy with my purchase and would certainly buy again.


Purchased two of these on behalf of a relative, both are a very good size and very healthy looking as usual. The recipient was very pleased.

Teresa Baraclough
Healthy little fella

The plant looks great in its new home and I was very grateful for the advice before I purchased.

Anne Christie
Very good

All the air plants I received were in very good condition and packed well. Would definitely recommend buying from this shop.

A lovely cross

A really nice variation of greens from the new and old growth. It has the compact nature of the kolbii whilst reaching out with new growth, beautiful plant.