Tillandsia xiphioides - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia xiphioides - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia xiphioides

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Tillandsia xiphioides grows on trees and rocks, it is indigenous to Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Northern Argentina.

It is a xerophytic or dry growing species and like many of the silver, densely trichome covered species it likes to dry out completely between watering.

It is very special species because of it gorgeous china white, frilly edged flowers that are incredibly and deliciously citrus scented, unlike any thing else. It likes high light levels and good air-movement.

Rarely offered, these are nice chunky plants, probably a year or two from flowering size. Few available.

Customer Reviews

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A quirkily abstract shaped tilly

This is the second plant I have of this species as I was eager to double my chances of bringing one of them into bloom. This tilly has a beautifully abstract twist to its hard rigid leaves and is fairly solid and compact making it like a strange little object that I am so tempted to carry around in my pocket; but I won't of course! Andy's plant is shaped more like a shoot that has a direction it wants to follow whilst my other specimen is a definite star-shaped rosette. I also have the dwarf form of T. xiphiodes, which Andy supplies, and it is just like this but smaller proportions! I can't wait to see and smell its blooms. The plant came well warpped and labelled as always and in excellent condition.

Matthew Fellion
Very pleased

An interesting plant with thick, arcing leaves. Excellent condition. Looking forward to the scented flowers.